About Us

Adolfo Ambriz has been designing and hand-crafting jewelry for more than 30 years. A native Texan, he learned his trade in San Antonio, Texas and today is known world-wide as one of the countries finest silver smiths. Ambriz gets his inspiration from the life that he leads and the stories that his loyal customers share with him about their experiences. Popular product lines such as the 'Shooting Star' and the 'Faithful' collections were inspired by Ambriz’s family and upbringing in the state of Texas where growing up he was taught to always respect the Texas flag and say grace before a meal. Newer collections such as the barbed wire and show animals were created from an overwhelming request from customers. Ambriz has always been committed to giving customers what they seek and has designed and developed collections for the people and the proud western way of life.

More than just innovative designs that speak to the heart, Ambriz takes great pride in using only the finest silver, gold and copper from around the world. Each piece is hand-crafted by Ambriz and stamped with the artist signature and date of creation. Jewelry collectors cherish their Ambriz jewelry.

When not in his showroom located in the quaint and charming Hill Country town of Fredericksburg, Texas, Ambriz travels around the country with his team displaying his jewelry and accessories. He is always looking for his next inspiration or opportunity to create a one-of-a kind custom piece for discerning clients.