Ear Tag Pendant- HAND CUT - we hand cut Ranch or Cattle Brands in Brass, Nickel or Copper

$ 55.00

Let us capture your family heritage in Brass, Nickel or Copper Ear Tag Pendant.  We hand make ranch brand jewelry for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and children.

We primarily work at Rodeos and Fairs and Rodeos.   We sell to folks of all ages, but it particularly heart felt when it’s a young person or child and they walk up and place their order.  And then their parents whisper that they have been saving for over a year because they wanted to purchase a certain item. 

We have been making Cattle Brand Jewelry since 1999 and we have had ear tag jewelry in our line since 2016.  We use these various metals including sterling silver.  We also offer 4 different sizes of Ear Tags to accommodate different personalities and styles.  

PLEASE send us a picture before you place an order.  To ensure that we are able to fulfill your request.  Every thing we do is hand made and the more complicated the brand, the bigger size we will need. 

Brand Jewelry is a great way for any man, women or child to show, remember and honor their family heritage.  

The best way to create a family brand is to keep it simple. Even if you don’t have animals now…you can build a brand for your family/tribe, to keep your lifestyle Western.   If you need help with a design, feel free to reach out to us.  Brands are what to do best and we will be happy to help you design your Brand.   

We offer 4 sizes and 3 colors of base metals, Brass, Nickel and Copper.

Please  feel free to message  the picture or drawing to 210.410.9622.

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